Welcome  from  Matt

"I would love to brag about this church and its many ministries, but it just doesn't seem as important as bragging about Jesus Christ and the change He makes in the life of ordinary people.

I came to Bethany as the Senior Minister in 1999. I was 22 years old. Young, right! I didn't know a soul, and my family and friends were 2,000 miles away. The surroundings weren't familiar, the people were new to me, and everywhere I looked there was corn. I walked into this building just like you have or might do someday soon, and I was feeling very alone and unsure. It's hard walking into a place for the first time with no real connection to anyone.

It didn't take long, however, for me to see how genuine and welcoming the people of this church really are. Christ is alive in the lives of these people. They allowed Christ to use them to open their lives up to me and accept me with all my faults and inexperience. They are real! For the first time in a church, I found people that really desired for Jesus Christ to make a change in them. He will, if you let Him."

Matt Merold

Preaching & Leadership


pastors and team members

  • MATT MEROLD     

    senior pastor

  • Evan Nave     

    vincennes campus pastor


    WORSHIP pastor

  • Luke Bean     

    executive pastor

  • morgan thie       

    children's ministry

  • Jered Hemingway     

    children's ministry lead

  • kara armes      

    vincennes children's pastor

  • amanda bechtel      

    Children's ministry assistant

  • Vicki Murello     

    student ministry lead

  • mallory heller     

    student ministry assistant

  • Kristie Smith   

    celebrate recovery pastor

  • Tom Watson     

    Pastoral care

  • lesley bledsoe     

    ministry coordinator

  • haley graber     

    first impressions

  • garrett burton     

    creative arts director