WE Are Partners With One Another

We partner with one another with the purpose of being the spiritual hospital of our region.  

We are ministers who are being equipped to do monumental ministry in the church, our communities, 

our country and our cosmos.  We are encouragers of one another as we spur each other on to press out ministry daily and meaningfully.  We have high expectations of one another as we hold each other accountable to the high standards Jesus Christ taught.

We partner together because the purpose God has called us to is bigger than oneself.  

We are developing Christian leaders

Everyone has influence, therefore anyone can be a leader.  We are passion about influencing the character and confidence in all believers so they feel competent to influence others by following the example of Jesus Christ.  

The prefect example of a leader is found in Jesus Christ.  

Leading like Jesus involves the alignment of our heart, habits, head and hands.  

We will encourage, equip, and direct those who desire to be leaders so that they recognize their daily influence and choose to be become influential with the character of Jesus Christ. 

We are the examples, not the EXCEPTION

We are being changed by Christ daily.  The Christian church is filled with examples of selflessness, courage, moral action and reform and many other positive influences on the world. These are acts of sincere believers transformed by the resurrected Christ and moved by the Holy Spirit to "do to others what you would have them do to you." 

The church is a work in progress (and so are its members). Like a cathedral that may take decades or centuries to complete, the process is long and arduous, but someday it will be complete and stand as a beautiful testimony to the power of Christ to transform lives for the better.  We choose to walk the narrow road, and live as examples of Jesus Christ.